Hello022 / 12″

Both tracks in essence bring a linear and continuous flow, to many, a Daze Maxim signature in the sense that each element does not scream for attention alone, it is the combination of them which creates the overall impact. A dose of what we need when we need it. It is to do with structure, it is about the way in which elements are thrown in adding that bit of surprise effect which is able to stunt and amuse us all in a very good way. ‘Flash’ starts with a solid bass line, the vocal ‘Flash’, a hypnotic cosmic/trippy element and a hoovering noise on the background making up the intro. The ‘locomotive’ sounding high-hats then slam in, which together with the bass line complete a dance floor bliss of a track with all that groove. This is the point when one would think the track is there but then the slamming surprise- there comes the pads and the harmony. With a dose of thriller, the suspense created by these two prolonged notes give this atmospheric soundscape making it a groovy, hypnotic, dark, yet driving dance floor beauty. ‘Anavi’ again boosts a hypnotic vibe to it but this time with the harmony being first introduced via a classy piano. The track starts with this detroit-feel bass synth pattern forming the constant flowing base of the track, a hypnotic feel which gets overtaken by the classy touch of beautiful piano chords. Following, there comes the high-hats, this loose and light addition to it, sounding similar to when hitting the edge of a cymbal on real drums. The pads’ introduction on this one could again generate a thriller feel if on a single note however, the note progression of the pads creates a melody turning it into a rather melancholic yet classy feel, in line with the piano from the intro. The last addition , the surprise element, is then added by a discreet appearance of a TR-808 drum-machine turning this into rhythmic heave