alongside Jan Krueger which since 2005 has accumulated an array of genius music and producers. While superstar Djs take the face of the electronic music world, it is some quieter individuals that actually keep this world running. Daze Maxim is one of those people. Why I say that? If you try to find an interview by Daze Maxim you will see it is a bit of a hard task. Daze falls into the category of many [vinyl only] UNDERGROUND djs who do not care about how cool they look on a stage, or how many interviews they have given, that is just press attention… what you do find however are sets, podcasts… MUSIC! With people like Daze, it is indeed all about the music in its true and broader sense in its maxim[um] level of quality… it is about cultural exchange with people they meet or work with along the way, it comes from the heart, it is an innate thing…. just what music should really be about!
Well such is the way Daze Maxim’s DJ sets and music will leave you wondering what just hit you. For over a decade, he has held a reputation, especially amongst fellow DJs, as a guardian and pioneer of quality underground electronic music, Thanks to his slick productions on the coolest labels and wholesome live performances in the world’s best clubs. From Harthouse to Cocoon Recordings Daze is recognised as a deep thinking musician concerned with composition theory and true musical meaning as much as rocking a dance floor. This approach has led to his records gracing the box of many Djs and appreciators across the globe, these include Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Arpiar, Photek, Zip, just to name a few. You get the idea. More than this though, another of Daze Maxim’s successful works was also under his Heartz4 then included in many compilations.
The early Hello?Repeat track ‘Intimacy Girl’ remains an anthem to the nightmare-like minimal weirdness that followed and, refusing to be categorized by one particular sound, his One Million Shakers EP, especially Maxim Mudhole, was played by everyone in 2008 and became synonymous as the house sound of the Cocoon Terrace in Ibiza. Studio skills for Daze aren’t just limited to his own original work either. Take his production mastery on Patrick Specke’s smash ‘(G)oing (C)oncern (P)rinciple’ or his remixing and production collaborations with Hardfloor over the best part of the last two decades. This prowess makes Daze one of the most consistently booked artists for true underground clubs worldwide. Who else can say they’ve held residency at both Berghain/Panoramabar and Watergate in Berlin, as well events at Rex Club in Paris, Bunker in New York, Arma 17 in Moscow, Club Der Visionaire or Fabric London, and global tours that have covered North America, Japan and the best of the European underground circuit? Add in Daze’s jazz and contemporary music influences and you have one of the scene’s most avant-garde and experimentalist thinkers, whose music has such depth you’ll find something new every time you listen to it. Daze’s collaboration with Bruno Pronsato called “OTHERS”, started with a release on Musique Risquee which got an immense attraction. Not for nothing was OTHER’s debut release for Ricardo Villalobos’ a long time his “secret weapon”, as stated by himself. Followed then by and outstanding Release on Hello?Repeat, released in october 2012 which again sets new standards.